Explorer Orienteering

21 September 2017

The explorer unit enjoyed an evening of orienteering at our local campsite, Johns Lee Wood.

After a brief warm-up the Explorers were shown how to use the electronic timing equipment and sent out on 1 of 3 courses.

The results are as follows.
Orienteering Results
An explanation of abbreviations used in the results.

  • dns – did not start – means the start box either wasn’t punched or wasn’t punched correctly.
  • w followed by a number e.g. w6 – wrong number n – the nth control you punched was the wrong one.
  • m followed by a number or range of numbers – you missed one or more controls e.g. m7-8, you missed numbers 7 and 8.

Unfortunately nobody managed to complete course B correctly. The time taken includes a 5 minute penalty for each control that was missed on course B.
If you want to see where you went (or where you should have gone!) the courses were as follows.
Orienteering Courses

A comprehensive set of results are here Full Results